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Oxford & Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition 1955

10/11/11 by: Michael van Vliet

[ Image via LRSOC]

The Oxford and Cambridge Far Eastern Expedition was a 1955 journey from London to Singapore undertaken by six graduates of Oxford & Cambridge using two Land Rover Series I Station Wagons. It was the first time the route, or any one similar, had been attempted using overland vehicles. The journey took six months and six days, during which time the expedition had traversed 18,000 miles.

Land Rover was the main sponsor of the expedition and saw it as great opportunity to field test the Series I while building publicity for the model’s commercial launch in 1956. Over 80 other companies also contributed equipment and supplies ranging from collapsible buckets to whiskey. The expedition was thoroughly documented using film stock secured by Sir David Attenborough and the footage was broadcast on the BBC.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, sit back, relax, and enjoy: “Overland to Singapore”.


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