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Icon 4×4 1968 Ford Bronco

10/27/11 by: Michael van Vliet

[Images via Car Domain]

Last year we had the chance to catch up with Jon Ward of Icon 4×4 and get a tour of his Los Angeles garage.  When we asked him if he had any new projects coming down the line all he could say was that there might be something with Ford in the works. He didn’t want to talk about it until things were finalized but we could tell by the excitement in his voice that it was going to be big. Now a few months later, we finally get to see for ourselves. Introducing the new Icon 1968 Ford Bronco.

After receiving the blessing and support of Ford Motor Company, which came in the form of a CAD file and technical assistance, Jon set to work procuring five uncut-fender Ford Broncos from the late 1960’s. From top to bottom the Icon Bronco is completely custom designed. All new components had to be developed for the suspension, steering, axles, and brakes. The engine was replaced with a Ford 5.0 liter V8 from a Mustang GT, giving it 412 horsepower and 390 lb feet of torque. The interior has been completely recrafted as well, using Jon’s boarder line OCD attention to detail. Front grill, dashboard display, and doorhandles are some of the many items that received their own custom touches.  The final product is a Ford Bronco like no other. And with only a limited number being built, it looks like there will be no other like it in the future as well.

Our suggestion for Icon’s next revamp? The VW Thing.

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