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SplinterBike Quantum

06/21/12 by: Michael van Vliet

Introducing the new SplinterBike Quantum. Created by cycling enthusiasts and inventor Michael Thompson, this is the third incarnation of his unique 100% wood bicycle design which was created at the request of Adain Avion London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

Made out of 88 custom designed CNC-cut pieces, the bike has taken Thompson over 120 hours to draw in CAD, 40 hours to mill, and over 400 hours to properly assembly into the specialty monocoque frame.

In theory, the six pliCog gear should propel the bike to all little over 20 miles per hour based on a cadence of 100.  The gearing has been changed to 2.5:1 from the original 4:1, which was a little too aggressive on the small plywood gear teeth. The handle bars are actually broom handles and unlike earlier models of the bike, they are styled as aerobars for a more streamlined riding position. The wheels are coated in a unique glue that requires up to 5 weeks to fully harden, but makes for a tremendously smoother ride.

Ever since unveiling his first SplinterBike, Michael Thompson has been all over the media in Britain. You can check out a short video of how the the idea first came to light here.

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