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07/10/12 by: Michael van Vliet

The 28 year old Dutch designer Wouter Walmink had never worn a bike helmet until he moved to Melbourne last year. However after riding around on the hectic city streets he soon decided to get one, and being an innovative type of guy, he quickly went about trying to make it better.

Walmink felt that a bicycle helmet could be doing a lot more for the rider during the 99.99% of the time it’s not performing its primary function: a crush zone between an incoming object and the rider’s skull. Often the most visible part of a cyclist, Walmink felt the helmet could better  communicate with the world around the rider. With this in mind he set about integrating an L.E.D. light display into a standard helmet along with a motion detective sensory to allow cyclists to control the light’s movement just by shifting their head.

The helmet has be programed to flash red in the back to indicate stopping or to give left or right indicators when the rider intends to turn. There has also been talk of allowing the lights to pulse with the riders heartbeat to humanize cyclists to car traffic. At the moment it is still in the prototype phase, but the concept has got a lot of great potential.

[ Via The Age]


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