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New York City by Bike

01/14/13 by: Michael van Vliet

Few feelings compare to the exhilaration of riding a bike through a city. The free flowing energy, the passing scenery, the wind through your hair, and if you live in an American city, the terror of being potentially flattened by a sporty SUV.

To capture this chaotic mix of emotions, photographer Tom Olesnevich started work on his ” New York City by Bike” series.  Drawing upon his experience covering downhill mountain bike competitions, Olesnevich tried to get his camera as low as possible to capture the velocity of the experience.

Sure, this angle has been explored by the GoPro community before, but Olesnevich did this with his DSLR. With a homemade rig constructed from a GorillaPod and an integrated remote control, he cruised the city with his camera just inches off the ground – which New Yorkers know, is not always level.

When the scenery, street conditions, and lighting cooperated, he would take a shot and hope for the best. A fair deal of trial and error had to go into it, but after making some adjustments things started to come together. The result is a fantastic tour through the streets of New York from the view of a bicycle’s rear cassette.

To check out more of Tom’s excellent work, check out his website


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