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Kayak 1 by McLellan Jacobs

03/26/13 by: Michael van Vliet


Entering into the burgeoning luxury kayak market, Kayak 1 is a collaboration between New Zealand designer Jamie McLellan and Andy Jacobs.

This lightweight, single person recreational vessel features a minimalist design fused with rich materials. Built using carbon fiber by America’s Cup boat builders in New Zealand, Kayak 1 weighs in at a scant 36 lbs. Teak and Ash wood detailing comes from the country’s most highly regarded furniture maker.

Kayak 1 can also be ordered in a variety of finishes and materials, depending on the clients preference, thus making it a truly bespoke piece of marine equipment.

No price has been released as of yet, but we’re certain it will be just as extravagant as the Kayak 1 itself. Check out all the details at





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