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DIY Lowrider Wooden Bicycle

04/03/13 by: Michael van Vliet


Inspired by model kits of his youth, Dutch designer Jurgen Kuipers has created Sawyer, a low-rider beach cruiser that comes in a box ready-to-assemble. The innovative design won first place in the bicycle segment of the IDBC 2013 International Design Competition by iF in Taipei.

The bike is delivered in a 1:1 model kit with all the required parts to make it fully functional.  While it seems fairly evident that a jig-saw will be required to remove the wood pieces, it’s not entirely clear how the metal hardware are to be detached (oxygen acetylene cutting torch?)

*UPDATE: Thanks to the help of a fellow Aether Journal reader, it’s been made clear to us that the 1:1 kit featured below is a completely NON-FUNCTIONAL replica of an actual Sawyer low-rider. We knew something didn’t feel quite right….

[ Via Design Boom]

sawyer02 sawyer032 sawyer031



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