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04/04/13 by: Michael van Vliet


All next week we will be interrupting our normal broadcast of the Aether Journal to bring you live updates from our motorcycle trip: Aether Chasing Winter.

As the ski season comes to a close and the motorcycle riding season begins,  we’re taking a trip of a lifetime and chasing the last of the snow up the Rockies. For the next week, we’ll be riding from Telluride, CO to Jackson Hole, WY on fully-loaded BMW GSs, stopping at every major ski resort along the way.  Our goal: to hit the last of the snow and the first of the open roads.

While we’re out there, we will be testing out our new motorcycle jackets, the Skyline and Canyon, as well our entire winter collection.  It might be spring time, but it’s still the Rockies. Things are going to get cold.

So stay tuned to the Aether Journal for updates, and follow our daily progress on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. #AETHERchasingwinter

  1. I have been there before, in June, and when driving a rented Hummer H3, on our way from easter Wyoming, and on what I believe was called the Bear Tooth Pass? that is the eastern entrance to Yellowstone, it was in the 60’s and sunny, then up the pass we went, and then came around a corner into a white-out blizzard!! and it was so cool, everyone else was turningaround and we were able to keep on! We ended up getting to the other side, and pulled into a rest stop, where there was a oriental couple touring American west, that stopped in the rest area when it started, and we they gald to see us! asked if we could “tow” them out, but with no tow strap, and no desire to take any chances with the “rental” just advised them to “follow in our tracks out”, just a a plow came by, and made a 3-4′ wall of snow at the entrance!!, well I still just went right trough the snow-bank, and then we able to follow in their minvan rental!, but just as soon as we drove 8-10 miles down the other side, the sun came out, and there was NO snow!! came and went as fast as that! and boy! did the tourest ever fell funny for stopping like they did (panicked), because if they had just keeped going, they would have just driven out of the snow! It is a very beautiful part of America! hope you all have a great and SAFE ride!


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