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Aether Chasing Winter – Telluride to Moab (Day 2)

04/06/13 by: Michael van Vliet

Motorcycles at base of mountain

Aether Chasing Winter – Telluride to Moab (Day 2) 

Having flown in the day before, we were ready to hit the slopes first thing in the morning. From the hotel, we rode into town and snagged a spot right in front of the main gondola entrance – thanks to Telluride’s lenient motorcycle parking rules. Standing on the sidewalk, we switched out our jackets, helmets, and boots; unstrapped our skis, boards, and poles; and jumped on the next gondola heading up the mountain.

Due to our tight schedule, we were only able to do a quick half-day session, but we could have easily spent an entire week exploring the mountain’s extensive network of runs.  Tightly groomed corduroy in the morning slowly gave way to some softer, wetter stuff by noon, with the temperatures hanging around the mid 50’s. A little scratchy, a little slushy, it was definitely late spring skiing at its finest.

After getting a bunch of runs in during the morning, we returned to the bikes for a quick bite to eat before we departed. We knocked off the snow, stowed away our gear, switched back to our motorcycle jackets, and were once again ready to hit the road.

From Telluride we struck out west, riding through pine-filled forests, grassy farmlands, and red rock canyons. It was remarkable how quickly and drastically the scenery changed around us. As we pulled into the dusty desert town of Moab, the alpine quaintness of Telluride felt worlds away.

Here we will spend the night, before turning northwards towards Park City.  After a half-day on the slopes and a half-day on the bikes, we’re all experiencing a full-body exhaustion. So we’ll turn in early tonight,  rejuvenate our strength, and maybe get up early to explore the Arches before we hit the road again….

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Top of Telluride

Palmer top of Telluride

Colorado Road

Road to Moab

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