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Aether Chasing Winter – LA to Telluride (Day 1)

04/06/13 by: Michael van Vliet

Boarding the Plan in Telluride

Aether Chasing Winter – LA to Telluride (Day 1) 

In the pre-dawn darkness we departed Los Angeles in route to Telluride.  We had shipped our motorcycles out on a flat-bed two days previous and were going to be arriving just in time to meet them.  In Denver, we switched planes to a turboprop Beech 1900D, an aircraft about the size of a Honda Odyssey. Piloted by recent graduates of the Youth Academy for Aviation, we made our way into the turbulent spring weather of the Rockies.

For any who has ever enjoyed twin prop regional flying, all we can say is that we got the full treatment.  Gusting winds had us bucking from side to side and air pockets had us clinging to our seats as we suddenly dropped. On final approach to the tiny stripe of tarmac known as  Telluride Regional Airport arrived, we could see the runway zigging and zagging through the pilots’ front window.  Thankfully the boy wonders got us on the ground safely, and we could continue on to Telluride.

We proceed into town and where we met up with our motorcycles. After spending the afternoon loading up our gear, we took a short ride around to test out our equipment and cold-weather clothing.  Down in the valley it was dry and fairly warm, but the mountains immediately surrounding us were still covered in snow. Conditions looked perfect.

The town of Telluride is unlike any other ski town we’ve been seen before. Somehow its managed to stave off excessive development from major chain stores and other national franchises. Allegedly there is a Starbucks in it somewhere, but we couldn’t find it. We took a gondola ride into the mountains and from high above the town looks very must like it must have about 50 years ago.

We stay the night here in Telluride, hit the slopes in the morning, and then get on the road to Moab.

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Beech 1900 Engine

Gear Prep

Gondilla to Telluride


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