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Lito Sora Electric Motorcycle

05/31/13 by: Michael van Vliet


The Lito Sora is a custom electric motorcycles that takes design cues from iconic bikes like the Bobber and Street Fighter.

Conceived from the very beginning as an electric superbike, the Sora offers a regenerative braking system, on-board charing port, integrated GPS with touch screen, and CVT transmission.  It has a 185-mile (300-kilometer) range, about a four second 0-60 acceleration and a 120-mile-per-hour top speed

The Sora also offers the worlds first electrically adjustable seat. While riding, the seat can be lowered for more aerodynamic cruising on the highway or raised for better handling in the turns. Another innovative feature is the charging port, which sends you an email when the bike is fully charged.

[ Via Auto Blog]





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