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Spruce Stove

11/25/13 by: Michael van Vliet


Never mind splitting and chopping your wood, the Spruce Stove lets you put the whole tree in the fire.

Conceived of as a concept, and admittedly not a particularly practical one, the Spruce Stove was created by Dutch designers Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens. The Stove works by placing a full sized log on adjustable support stands and pushing it into the cylindrical stove. Kindling must be used to get the fire started, but after that the user only need push the log in occasionally to keep the fire going.

A steel diaphragm allows the stove to close around the log and prevents flames from lapping out. Exterior steel fin on the outside increases the stove’s surface area while fireproof concrete bricks on the interior help absorb and radiate heat.

While utterly impractical for in-home use, the Spruce Stove has an commanding visual presence.  It looks like a cross between a Lumberjack industrial art-project and a Bond villain’s instrument of torture. Either way, it’s an impressive way to roast a tree.

Martens and de Boer have decided to do an extremely limited-edition production run of the stove, just 10 units total, with a estimated price tag of $6,050 for each stove.

To learn more about the Spruce Stove, check out their website:





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